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A new school comedy with old school values:

Me and My Old Man mixes a wide variety of comedic styles—from parody and satire to outright slapstick—along with emotional, real life dramatic situations. 

Fresh out of high school, Kevin, a street-savvy know-it-all, moves to L.A. with nothing but big, entrepreneurial dreams. Kevin’s father, Smitty, a stern and frugal man whom he hasn’t seen in years, agrees to let Kevin stay with him temporarily. But when his job connection at an entertainment corporation yields only a low-paying internship, Kevin’s stay turns into an indefinite one and Smitty finds his old school, blue-collar Airline Baggage Handler lifestyle turned upside down by Kevin’s endless get-rich-quick schemes. 

Caught in the crossfire are Smitty’s conspiracy theorist brother, Black, a “rent a cop”, security guard that one day hopes to become a real Police Officer if he can stop thinking the world is out to get him; Kevin’s friend D.J, a wannabe rapper who’s whiter than Wonder Bread and tries a bit too hard to fit into the Black community; Jesus, a maintenance man still reliving his glory days as boxing champ; Johnny, a hi-tech “As-Shown-On -TV” salesman with a product for every problem; Glenda, the sexy, mysterious and alluring next door neighbor who always has the best of the best, yet her financial stability remains a mystery and Ms. Brookins, a landlady who’ll use every trick in the book to raise the rent (and win Smitty’s heart). 

But the apple never falls far from the tree, and as Smitty and Kevin form a true father-son bond for the first time, Kevin learns that Smitty has some tricks up his own sleeve when it comes to the big city hustle.